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Pawtucket's Winter Wonderland is run entirely by volunteers.   There is a lot a prework that needs to be completed before the event is held.   Volunteers are needed to organize decorations, test lights, make signs, and repair or build displays.  There are committees that handle each category. 

Our decoration committee is a fun group of women that meet starting in March on an average of twice a month.  They are preparing the decoration boxes with all that is needed to decorate our sponsor trees.  They are sorting out decorations leaving only what can be used in the future or this year.   They are testing of over 1500 strings of lights that adorn the trees and display.



Our imaginers, the carpenters, painters, electrician and every day handymen,  are checking out the displays making necessary repairs.  They are  working on the buildings and new displays.

We can use volunteers to help run the event too.  

 The event Committee is checking the list of tree sponsors. the building sponsors, and booking entertainers.  They will soon be setting up the letters to go out to each one.   Making the signs will be next.

There's a place for everyone who enjoys the holidays and wants to be a part of Pawtucket's Winter Wonderland.  Please contact us by email at [email protected] or on facebook






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