Pawtucket's Winter Wonderland Pawtucket's Winter Wonderland Santa on the Pond Santa and his reindeer on the pond with the village buildings and trees in the distance 197116024 Snowy Road The village buildings and family trees along the snow covered road with the Historic Looff Carousel in the background 197116025 Frosty Frosty the Talking Snowman. Frosty is an 18' high fiberglass structure build by the Winter Wonderland Volunteers. On festival nights you can talk to Frosty and he will answer you 197116023 Village Snowy Night Our village on a snowy night, there are 20 village buildings and nearly 500 trees decorated by the families of Winter Wonderland 197116026 First House This is the first house ever built by Winter Wonderland Designed and drawn on paper by city Architect Frank Rendine, brought to life and built by Bob Machowski and Paul Pion. 197116027 Village No Snow The village with NO Snow! 197116022 Village House / Tent Notice the tent behind the buildings, the first year the tent was in the meadow before it move to its current location in the parking lot. 197121264 House Village house, undated photo from the first couple years 197121265 Paws Paws visiting Winter Wonderland on opening night 197152839 Santa Santa riding in for the opening parade 197152840 Barrell Train The first train of Winter Wonderland 197152841 Sponsor book Santa's book of good boys and girls, here our book contains the names of our sponsors 197152842 Book Another view of the book 197152843 Building a book A look into how we made the book 197152844 Building 197152845 Village Building 197152846 Village in the snow Village in the snow 197152848 Moving Day In the early days of Winter Wonderland the buildings had to be move accross the city from storage on School Street to the park 197152849 Village Building 197152850 Trees Two trees after a fresh snow 197152851 Village Building 197152852 Snowman Bottom How do you build an 18' snowman? You start with the 8' diameter bottom "snowball" 197152853 Snowman Top You add the upper half of the snowman 197152854 Snowman Hat Finish him off with a hat delivered by the front end loader. 197152855 Smowman And now you have a complete snowman! 197152856